So on the recommendation of one of my friends, I downloaded this picture app, Vignette. Here are some pictures I took this weekend while using said app.


So this week for work I went to Galveston, TX. Is it strange to say I don’t think I’d mind living there for a couple of years? It’s so close to Houston. Everything is ugly in a charming way. I like all of the big, old houses–even the ones garishly colored–and I think I could get used to the seagulls. It’s one of those places I like visiting because I likely will never see anyone I meet there again, since I so seldom visit, and it’s a town of transient tourists. I like feeling like I’m anonymous on this tiny strange island.

Shakespeare in the Park - Othello

It’s Shakespeare in the Park season at Miller Outdoor Theatre! This production of Othello was a pretty cool thing to come across on an evening walk with Willa. Too bad she was under-exercised and acting up, or I would have stayed past the first 20 minutes.



My dog poses for me in the most peculiar ways–unassuming and innocent one moment; dignified and alert another. And she does this almost entirely on her own. Seriously. There’s very little prompting and encouraging involved.


birthday gifts from some of the nicest people i know

So it was my birthday this past weekend and some of my super lovely friends surprised me with some really great literature (and the cutest card). I’m so stoked. I’ve just started My Antonia after finishing another Larry McMurtry novel (not pictured), Horseman, Pass By.

gift from one of the most talented guys I know

Also, as a gift my friend Eric painted me a picture of my most prized possession (not the rug). He said it was a “collaborative effort,” since the painting was based off of a picture I had taken of the Monster a month or so back. You may recognize the image from a certain previous post involving pictures taken from the aerial perspective. Anyway, I adore this. Thanks, buddy.


Note: Speaking of “collaborative effort,” Eric brought to my attention that Mike Mills and Miranda July are married. Pretty rad. Beginners, Mike Mill’s latest film, is beautiful. It’s different from your typical indie romance in that both main characters in the film are troubled and sad (and not just because they haven’t found ‘the right one’), but they find solace and a piece of happiness in one another. Both are loners, usually leaving people and pushing people away, but they establish a kind of trust that comes only after one realizes the other can truly empathize with him or her. And they fall deeply in love. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. Also, the whole thing with the gay dad coming out of the closet in his late 70s is really touching and well done. Not to mention it’s visually beautiful.


So, something I’ve yet to reveal to you, the reader, about myself is this: I’ve got a penchant for melancholy songs. SVE is satisfying in this way. She also happens to be a fantastic writer of said melancholy songs. I would say one of the best of our time! Like if Jesus had been less into proselytism and more into music, he would have listened to SVE. Yes, I realize that the event of Christ actually listening to SVE is incongruous with both reason and the principles of one of the physical sciences (although I’m not sure which one), but I’m trying to convey a point here. SVE is wonderful.

Other notable features: cool visible tattoos, understated style of dress, vocal vibrato that will make you melt, general feminine coolness you don’t see in many female artists today

Don’t take my word for it.

More love,


Note: I’m not sure if I can define “feminine coolness.” I think this is a term I picked up back in the day of following Garance Dore, although I would guess our conceptions of ‘feminine’ and ‘cool’ are vastly different. Because this term is so recondite, you’ll just have to keep track of all of the instances of ‘cool’ and ‘feminine’ on this blog and weave them into some kind of  comprehensive SVE-worthy tapestry. A little exercise in inductive reasoning!…I think.