I have a mostly hostile relationship with social media. If you know me, you know this. I would say I’m a pretty placid, non-fickle person, except when it comes to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The least irritating of these is Twitter, in part because of the way in which I use Twitter. I use it to get information. I find interesting articles and fiction pieces via Twitter and follow some of the most informed, relevant people of our time (i.e. Paul Krugman, John Darnielle, Joshua Cohen, Mark Bittman, Isa Chandra, Lena Dunham)! I also follow a few close friends, a couple of pity accounts and then a bunch of random bands, amateur writers, and other publications (big and small). Because Twitter allows your feed to be so specialized, seeing a bite of what you might like to see, in real time, I have much more patience with it. Back to the point: I deleted my first** Instagram account, but I would like to pay homage to it here by posting some of my favorite “‘grams.”



[**…and have since started a new account because hearing about Lena Dunham’s latest “‘grams” second-person is just not satisfying. Follow @willamonster.]